Digitizing is the process of converting artwork such as vector format artwork or scanned artwork (.jpg, .png, .bmp, tif,) into digital embroidery or also known as a .DST file. This can be done by the use of embroidery digitizing software and a skilled digitizing artist to interpret that particular design.

We digitize your logo, text and complex artwork to embroider them on promotional t-shirts, bags, caps, towels or any other promotional apparel. We possess the ability to convert any kind of artwork to an embroidery machine-readable digitized format. We would be happy to get your digitized artwork done in any digitizing file formats.

Crest Creations is experienced in delivering high-quality embroidery designs USA. We work with the newest advanced software and utilize manual skills instead of relying on applications that convert digitized files automatically. Our digitizer team are proficient in producing quality work in the least possible time.

Each design created in our design studio goes through the checking process. This ensures minimal thread breaks and enhanced thread count, which helps in saving costs for our clients. embroidery digitizing services

USA, Canada,

Any material or fabrics for the embroidery designs are to be embroidered on, we leave no space for defects. Embroidery digitizing service in USA, Canada, and Australia making embroidery designs easy to read and quick to stitch for embroidery machines, besides making design appealing on the garment. We expert into logos transforming, photos, artworks, texts, images, and illustration into embroidery conversions.

Crest Creations provides real-time digitizing services in the USA to clients with high-quality output. The multi-stage quality assurance process we follow in our design studio helps us in pruning away all minor and major defects in the embroidery files.

We make embroidery designs exactly as per our client's choices visualization for any kind of simple, complex, and creative embroidery digitizing. Our focus on quality and turnaround time has made us the most sought-after logo embroidery digitizing service provider in USA, UK and Canada.

We convert your scanned images (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif) in a machine ready embroidery file like DST or .EMB formats. In these days clients are requesting proofs before final printing. Our clear understanding of how the promotional products industry works have helped us deliver product mock-ups that exceed our clients’ expectations. Good design can help create a good impression that creates your company and its products stand to get into the crowd.

Our creative artists work on outlines or descriptions of the same design provided by clients, besides sample artwork and designs. We understand digitizing is the start in creating quality embroidery and technical requirements for every embroidery design aren't the same. Hence, we apply different technicalities so the designs may be embroidered easily on any materials.

We always maintain consistency in color, trim, and density in our embroidery design. Furthermore, maintaining the stitch counts as per the design size is of high priority for us. That’s why we are reputed in the USA, UK, and Canada for custom embroidery digitizing services Our embroiderers have the skills to create a machine-readable format for any shape, size, and placement of garment. If the design needs to be embroidered on hats, socks, t-shirts, bags, jackets, uniforms, shirts, blankets, sweatshirts, denim shirts, etc.