Crest Creations virtual Samples and prepress bring out the uniqueness of each product and imprint method. Creating a virtual sample is not just about placing a logo on any product. Imprint rules, color rules, location rules, and final image quality are all to be considered before creating the perfect virtual sample.

We understand the uniqueness of each product and the imprint method. Our skilled Photoshop artists take care to ensure that the final virtual sample generated is as close to the finished product within the limits of what technology allows.

We accept all bitmap formats. We can work from photos of imprinted product images as well as create blank product images.


Paper Proofs

With an increasing number of clients requesting Paper Proofs for approval before going into production, your team is burdened with an additional layer of work. Let us do it for you.

At Crest Creations, we understand the criticality of timely proof creation, sending and receiving approvals. Our team has the capability to manage the complete proofs and approval process on your behalf:

  • Receive proof request
  • Create proofs as per guidelines and specifications
  • Send proofs to client on your behalf
  • Receive approvals/modifications
  • If necessary, keep fine-tuning till approved
  • Send to customer for production after approval